Own products and development

Gela Plastic delivers today even own products mainly to the window and building industries. For this is also a large assortment of handles, furniture legs, ground distances and floor sets products.

Along with product developers and customers' designers, we are involved from the beginning in the projects, where we use our expertise and competence be a good sounding board for innovative solutions to new and old products.

We are a natural partner in all aspects from concept to a finished product.

An example of this is the product Lidop, An ergonomic lid openers produced to facilitate opening and removal of the plastic cap on jars large and small.

To the right you can see also a selection of reference products that we at Gela Plastic helped to develop.

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Together, Gela Plast, product developers and designers have developed Lidop lock openers, a strong construction that smoothly and easily opens even the hardest plastic caps. Lidop is an impressive simple and efficient construction that quickly solved the problem of unopened plastic caps on powerful 2,5 kg - 10 kg plastic buckets with jam, mash, salads, pipes, etc.

Lidop lock opener was invented by Annika Larsson, a cook at the schoolhouse in Smålandsstenar, where she often opens and closes plastic caps on plastic cans, plastic buckets, etc. She knows how badly the fingers can open the corrosive plastic lid. In large kitchens, food tastings, restaurants, street kitchens and more. Plastic bags, plastic buckets and other plastic packages are opened and closed hundreds of times a day. No wonder that Lidop lock openers quickly became a success.

Lidop lock openers are sold on the Swedish market by the large-scale wholesale group Menigo AB. The work of selling it on exports in other parts of Europe is ongoing.


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