Quality and capacity

Manufacturing opportunity for high quality requirements

We have extensive experience of injection moulding and contract manufacturing, which means that we can live up to our customers' demands. Our modern machinery includes over 17 machines and a capacity of between 25 to 500 tonnes of clamping force and pipe extrusion. We’re able to run both high volumes and lower, manual volumes, as well as 2-component products. At Gela, we always make you, the customer, the centre of what we do. Meeting our customers' quality requirements is a given for us, and is also a prerequisite for us to able to offer you a secure partnership. For us, quality is also a matter of finding the best manufacturing method. Partly to be able to offer the most cost-effective solution, but also to meet requirements regarding quality and sustainable production processes. Our high level of service, dedication and accessibility gives us the flexibility of a smaller company with the opportunities you get from a large company.

With you as a partner, we can get involved in projects from the beginning, to give advice based on our skills and expertise in selecting materials and production methods. This is true for innovative solutions as well as for existing products within contract manufacturing. As your comprehensive supplier, we also offer finishing and assembly.

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and Environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.


Plastic is soft like cotton
or hard as steel


Långgatan 6
334 33 Anderstorp

Box 138
334 23 Anderstorp

Tel. 0371-52 32 70
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We are located in one of the injection molding "heart" Anderstorp, try us you too! Natur El, Gislaveds energi