Sustainable materials and circular production flows

At Gela, we know plastic. Careful and sensible material selection will influence the manufacturing of the future. Our skill with plastic materials allows us to help our customers to choose the most suitable material for every need. We have a strong focus on recycled materials and can offer up to 100% recycled plastic. We analyse our customers' needs with a focus on being able to offer as high a degree of recycled material as possible. We work actively to create sustainable production processes where we collect and reuse materials in order to minimise waste. The world is always changing and we can see how materials are constantly evolving in order to properly meet requirements in terms of both quality and sustainability. At Gela, we see this as a natural development in our business, always striving to make use of cutting edge materials. This is how we build strong, trusting relationships where nothing is impossible.

We have a completely fossil-free business where all our electricity comes from renewable energy sources and we are constantly working to reduce our climate footprint. We can offer our customers complete documentation on materials and production methods for every project. We understand the importance of working with an awareness of the environment throughout our production processes and we accept the responsibility for being a part of your sustainable production chain.